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In the PIDP 3240 course I’m taking, the students shared a list of web 2.0 tools to aid in teaching. There are lots out there to aid in teaching—I thought I would share some of the highlights.

Social Media Manager
Hootsuite shared by Danny Draper

Hootsuite gives you the ability to manage most social media from one place. You can provide post, reply and schedule your communication. This is a great tool manage your accounts for both students and teachers.

Delicious is a bookmarking website. You can store and share bookmarked websites, as well as access it online from anywhere (and you don’t need your personal computer).

File storage and sharing
WeTransfer is a helpful tool used for sending any files that are too big to send through your personal email accounts. Anyone can use the service for free if the files are under 2GB.

File storage and sharing
Dropbox shared by George Ng
Dropbox is a cloud service where you can keep your assignments, docs, and videos. You can access if from anywhere and share it easily.



I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Chinese Proverb

Proverb: I do and I understand

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In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. – Phil Collins

This simple quote, holds a wealth of wisdom. On a scientific level it speaks to the use of your whole brain. The best way to learn is to teach someone.

Quote by Phil Collins

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Leadership: Why Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek


If you are interested in leadership and how to be a good leader, here is a video worth watching.



Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

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Dan Pink gives an inspiring talk on Ted about motivations in the workplace. Think about “what motivates you.”

Social good vs self-interest.

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Inspiring Ted Talk by Kylie Lang, Being authentic in a digital world. Social good vs self-interest.

19 Questions and Answers on Social Media Marketing


A fellow peer of mine, Jigisha Pandit, shared this article by Skilledup in our PIDP 3240 course.

I found this article to be a great resource to sharpen up my skills and teach me some facts I didn’t know about. I hope as a graphic designer and someone just interested in social media that you find it helpful as well.

As graphic design students and new designers, to some agencies you are more attractive as a potential hire if you get the ideas around social media and how to market with it. According to the article by SkilledUp, 90% of marketers use social media marketing for their business. So, if you don’t necessarily use it, you should at least understand what social media does…and I bet if you try a platform like Twitter, you may have a lot of fun.

What I like most about this article is they explain the difference between platforms and what a LinkedIn group is vs. LinkedIn page. This is stuff that can be really confusing. Take a read here.


Famous Company Name Origins


Who came up with the name eBay? How did Nintendo get its name?

Here is a sample of a list that I found on Wikipedia. You can find the full list of name etymologies here at Wikipedia. Note: because Wikipedia is an open source platform some of the origins are disputed.


Adobe Systems – from the Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of co-founder John Warnock.

BMW – Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works).

Nintendo – Nintendo is the transliteration of the company’s Japanese name, nintendou (任天堂). The first (nin) can be translated as to “entrusted”; ten-dou means “heaven”.

Volkswagen – from the German for people’s car.  Volvo – from the Latin word volvo, which means “I roll”.

Esso – the enunciation of the initials S.O. in Standard Oil of New Jersey.

FedEx – abbreviation of Federal Express Corporation, the company’s original name.

HMV – from “His Master’s Voice”, which appeared in 1899 as the title of a painting of Nipper, a Jack Russell terrier, listening to a gramophone

eBay – Pierre Omidyar, who had created the Auction Web trading website, had formed a web consulting concern called Echo Bay Technology Group. “Echo Bay” did not refer to the town in Nevada, “It just sounded cool”, Omidyar reportedly said. Echo Bay Mines Limited, a gold mining company, had already taken EchoBay.com, so Omidyar registered what (at the time) he thought was the second best name: eBay.com

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.  – Confucius

Quote: Choose a job you love

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